Henllan Community Council:

Tuesday 7th November 2017, Chapel Vestry, Henllan 7.30 p.m.




1 Apologies.

2 Declarations of Interest.

3 Confirm the minutes of the previous Council meeting (copy below).

4 Matters arising from the minutes not appearing on the agenda.

5 Agenda items from Councillor Julie Roberts:-

  1. Henllan School Council update.
  2. Repairs/replacements of village benches.
  3. Bus Shelter opposite Parc-y-Llan update.(and see below)

6 Strategy and Development Committee report on the following issues:-

  1. Old Tip Site.
  2. Boundary Fences/Hedges at Top Park.
  3. As Village Benches above.
  4. Car Park at Top Park.
  5. Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Llannefydd Financial Support Application.

7 Finance issuees.

8 Correspondence.

9 Denbighshire County Council Issues.

10 Urgent business under Section 100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.

11 Next meeting – Tuesday 5th December 2017, Chapel Vestry, Henllan 7.30 p.m.

12 Closure of meeting.


Response from Denbighshire vis-à-vis bus shelter:

“Further to your email regarding the installation of a new shelter opposite Parc y Llan in Henllan I can provide you with the following info.

  • We are coming to the end of a quotation request / tender process this week and all prices are due in by 30th October 2017.
  • We do not have a contracted maintenance agreement as many Town or Community Councils currently undertake these works themselves.
  • I shall be able to advise you and offer recommendations once I have received and scrutinised said tenders.

The purpose of the tender is to amalgamate all maintenance and installation of bus shelters within the county, I will be inviting all Community and Town Councils to join a cleaning / maintenance programme which will be at a reduced cost to current and will also provide a uniform programme of works and infrastructure standards. Some Town Councils have already agreed to be part of this scheme as they see the cost and aesthetic benefits. As an example one Council has requested one clean per shelter per calendar month and will transfer the funds annually to Denbighshire County Council with an excess to cover additional ad-hoc cleaning and repairs.

Another quotation request due in on Monday is for installation of new or refurbished shelters.  I have found in the past that certain companies appear to maintain a monopoly on these works which is preventing councils from achieving value for money.

I have attached the quotation requests for your information and will contact you once I can offer some more certain advice and costings.


Martin Griffiths

Swyddog Cludiant (Cyhoedd) – Transport Officer (Public)

Ffôn/Tel: 01824 706982…”


==========MINUTES OF LAST MEETING==========e


Minutes of the Henllan Community Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 in the Chapel Vestry, Henllan at 7.30 P.M.

PRESENT:  Councillors Chris Brown (Chairman), Gwyn Roberts, Glyn Jones, Julie Roberts, Nicky Bassett-Powell, John Bellis, Merfyn Roberts, Duncan Stewart, Clwyd Spencer, County Councillors Glenn Swingler and Geraint Lloyd-Williams together with the Clerk.

1: APOLOGY: Councillor Jean McGibbon.


None Received.


Members confirmed 5th September 2017 minutes as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Henllan Flower Show thanked Council for the generous financial support towards the 2017 show.
  2. the Highway Engineer of Conwy County Borough Council confirmed that the current signage “Unsuitable for Long Vehicles” on the approaches to the Llannefydd Road river bridge in Henllan on both sides of the bridge is sufficient advance warning for the bridge.
  3. Denbighshire County Council has granted planning permission for the erection of boundary fence to rear of Plot 3 and alterations to ground levels (partly retrospective) on land adjacent to Capel Saron, Off Denbigh Street, Henllan.
  4. Councillor Duncan Stewart provided Council with the information pack of the One Voice Wales Conference held on Saturday 30th September 2017.

Bill payments:-

A: Winserve Limited – Website Fees – £97.20.

  1. Councillor Duncan Stewart – One Voice Wales Conference Travelling and Accommodation Costs in Builth Wells on 30th September 2017- £158.34.
  2. Councillor Jean McGibbon – travelling costs for the “Planning Application Training Course” in Wrexham on 28th September 2017 – £31.50.
  3. Mr Edward Morris – Caretaker’s Salary for September 2017 – £24.00.
  4. Mrs Eryl Davies for the Bronllan Henllan planters – £35.75.

None received.


Denbighshire County Council Highways Department is looking into the following issues within the Henllan Community:-

  1. Condition of the bushes that are part of the property (former E C Evans Agricultural Yard) that are impacting on pedestrians walking down Church Street.
  2. Condition of the parking space in Ty Coch Street in front of the above mentioned property which is a potential safety hazard to the public.
  3. Broken metal post at the entrance to the garages in Maes yr Efail/Maes Sadwrn.
  4. Poor condition of the forecourt of the above garages.
  5. Condition of the road surface of the Henllan to Groes Road and the broken barrier on this stretch of highway.

North Wales Police is looking into the following issues within the Henllan Community:-

  1. Children climbing on buildings/containers at Top Park, also evidence of small fires being started outside said buildings.
  2. White van parked on corner at the bottom of Church Street.
  3. White van parked at the top of Llindir Street opposite junction. Both the above are causing visibility issues.
  4. Inconsiderate parking of larger vehicles at the top of Bryntirion causing issues with visibility.
  5. Speeding along Denbigh Street, Ffordd Meifod and Lon Garn are a daily occurrence, no progress made to date on this issue via Denbighshire and North Wales Police.
  6. We would like a commitment from NWP to improve their interaction regularity with Henllan CC and take a more active involvement in our community.

Councillor Jean McGibbon confirmed she is in the process of looking into funding and costs of the proposed works required for the Top Park Car Park.

Notice of the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission review of Denbighshire on Tuesday 17th October 2017 in the County Hall, Denbighshire County Council Offices, Ruthin at 6.00 p.m. – Councillors Julie Roberts and Glyn Jones agreed to attend.

  1. Denbighshire County Council is looking into the potential Gypsy and Travellers sites within the County.

The Church Committee of St. Sadwrn in Henllan contacted the Council regarding the following issues:-

  1. Overhanging tree branches in Lon Fain – resolved for the Clerk to inform Denbighshire County Council to resolve the issue.
  2. Parking problem at the Church – Councillor Julie Roberts agreed to look into the issue raised.

The following issues were discussed:-

A:        Lack of support and work provided by the Street Scene Section of the Highways Department within the Henllan Community.

  1. Untidy grass cutting provided by the Housing Department.
  2. The Consultant has completed the report into the next phase of the provision of a footway/cycle path between Henllan Village and Denbigh Golf Course. Four options will be considered with the favoured works option to be completed in the year 2020.
  3. The next “Members Area Groups” meeting will be held during October.

Members resolved for the Clerk to write to Denbighshire County Council regarding the following highway issues:-

  1. The middle street light in the Henllan Play Area Park is not working.
  2. There are children walking on the Henllan Play Area Park boundary wall which is a Health and Safety issue.
  3. The highway verge retention wall on Garn Lane is bulging and requires urgent attention.
  4. Highway weed control/spraying is required in Henllan.
  5. The gully emptier is required in Henllan
  6. NEXT COUNCIL MEETING – 07/11/2017 in the Chapel Vestry, Henllan at 7.30 p.m.